We genuinely love what we do and over the years we have become very good at it. Our passion for residential design and the responsibility that comes with it drives us to treat every project as if it were our own. We believe in collaborating together as a team because it harnesses the strengths of each team member which ultimately leads to a more successful project. We believe that great design influences the way we live and interact with each other for the better. We believe in listening to your ideas and helping them grow in the right direction. We believe in giving your project the time it deserves to develop in to your dream home, creating something that is truly unique and personal.


I am motivated by the impact of great design and how this improves the lives of our clients. Great design can improve the way people live and interact with each other. Getting to know a client, understanding their ideas and requirements and then delivering the prefect design is both challenging and rewarding.


Although I grew up in households in various states of renovation, it took me a while to realise that my fondness for precision and creative detail would be best suited to residential design. Now every day I create and document unique design solutions for our diverse client base.


It's rare these days that you find a profession that you are passionate about. I am lucky enough to love what I do and every day brings something new and exciting.


Office Administrator
I really enjoy the dynamics of working in a boutique company, understanding how the processes work and implementing changes that ultimately improve the experience for our team members and clients.


We were very happy with the team at Blend Residential Designs, they were professional, efficient and thorough. They kept us on track with budget and managed to include all of the items discussed in our brief. We appreciated their honesty in all facets of the project, they were always prompt to get back to us with calls and emails and they definitely took the stress out of planning approval process. We have just finished the final working drawings for our project and we were very impressed with the level of detail as was our builder. We would highly recommend them.


From our first contact with our designer we were very impressed by his professionalism and friendly enthusiasm to our design. Having changed our minds many times with different aspects of the design, this was never a problem. His knowledge and commitment throughout the whole design process confirmed we had chosen the best designer for the job. We would highly recommend Blend Residential Designs to anyone embarking on a new build.


We chose to go with a custom design after coming to the realisation a project home was not going to deliver our ‘dream home’. Working with Blend Residential Designs confirmed we had made the right choice. After an initial meeting to gain an understanding of our requirements, the first draft of our plans was pretty well spot on and from then on it was fine tuning only. We found our designer to be professional, diligent and innovative. He was patient and understanding as he dealt with our refinements and changing needs. We believe Blend Residential Designs has delivered the plans for our dream family home and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

East Victoria Park

Blend design transformed our plans from a rough dream into a reality, they were a pleasure to work with, they didn't bombard us and pressure us into ideas we didn't like, but rather delivered a design which strengthened ours and was obviously professional in quality. The plans have been flawless to work from, which is, of course the most essential part of the design process. I would definitely use Blend designs again, not only are they clever with design, but they offer customer service and a dedication to the job which seem rare to me thus far in the building industry.

Mt Claremont

Building a home is a stressful process and getting the design right is the first hurdle. We chose Blend Designs to design our house because we felt an immediate rapport with our designer. At all times, our designer was professional in his approach, kept to timelines, and had an excellent understanding of our design needs and budget. He was very patient with us, not pushy with his views and gave us a great degree of freedom to design our home the way we wanted to. However, when we were clearly going off track, he tactfully put us back on track. We have come to realise that two of the most important attributes of a building designer are reliability and trustworthiness. Our designer has these in spades and we would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is planning to build a new home.

Margaret River

After buying our block of land in the Margaret River area we looked at numerous project homes in both the South West and Perth Metro areas. We realised a project home was not going to deliver what we wanted. Through discussions at work with colleagues who had previously used the services of Blend designs, we decided to contact them. After an initial meeting to gain an understanding of our requirements we felt comfortable and confident that they could provide us with the design services we required. They developed our initial draft sketch into a design which met all the criteria we had set for our home. They assisted with engagement of specialist services for survey’s and engineering and in the end produced a complete design package that we could put out to tender with our choice of regional builders. Blend designs provided a friendly professional service that made the whole process from start to finish a pleasant experience. Blend Residential Designs were recommended to us and we would have no hesitation in making this same recommendation to others who require the services of a professional residential design company.


The designers at Blend Residential Designs were easy to work with and they came up with a great looking house design on a block which posed some difficult restrictions. They were cost effective and I would highly recommend their service.

North Beach

We approached Blend Residential Designs with the hope they could deliver our dream home that would accommodate our changing needs. Not only did our designer deliver, they provided a service that truly exceeded our expectations. The project required a design that reflected our personalities and stood out as something unique to the area and we could not be happier with the end result.


We came across Blend Designs purely by chance, and feel so fortunate to have done so. They have proven themselves to be exceptionally professional and thorough at all times. They listened carefully to our ideas and incorporated them with their own expertise and knowledge to design for us a unique, functional and truly beautiful home that we absolutely love. We have the utmost respect for Blend Designs, and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

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