Solar passive design - what does orientation mean for your house?

  • A client recently asked us about house orientation and what it all means with regard to solar passive design. We thought we would share this information in the interest of educating those considering a new build renovation or addition in Perth.
    • What should home buyers consider in terms of orientation when choosing a block?  The orientation of your block and home is an important fa...

Renovate or Detonate?

Renovate or Detonate

So you’re thinking about renovating your home but you’re not sure if it’s worth keeping? For this purpose of this blog post, we will focus on renovations large enough to have you asking yourself renovate or detonate, however, stay tuned for future post’s regarding smaller renovations. At this stage there are probably a couple questions going through your head:
  • Will I get everything that I want by renovating?
  • Is it cheaper to de...


Our top 5 guide to designing the perfect home.

A free to download guide that will set you on the right path to designing your perfect home. This 'must have' information gives you an insight in to our top 5 things you must consider when starting a new project, based on our many years of experience.