Renovate or Detonate

So you’re thinking about renovating your home but you’re not sure if it’s worth keeping? For this purpose of this blog post, we will focus on renovations large enough to have you asking yourself renovate or detonate, however, stay tuned for future post’s regarding smaller renovations. At this stage there are probably a couple questions going through your head:
  • Will I get everything that I want by renovating?
  • Is it cheaper to demolish and re-build?

Before you try to answer these questions you first need to ask yourself what you are missing from your existing home and what you are looking to add/change?

We suggest you create a list of your requirements which will help to determine whether you can achieve your goals by renovating. The last thing that you want to do is complete a renovation only to end up with a renovated home that still doesn’t meet your requirements.

Once you have compiled a list of requirements, you can determine whether your goals are achievable by creating a sketch to reflect the proposed changes. For most people, you will need some professional assistance with this as there are many factors that will impact your design such as council restrictions. Your sketch will soon provide some clarity and will determine whether a renovation will deliver the results you are after. You will want to ensure the proposed renovation creates useable spaces that suit your lifestyle.

If it's determined that a renovation can meet your expectations your focus should shift to costs.

With a sketch created, a designer or builder can determine an expected build price for your renovation and also assist with determining the price of a new build including the associated cost's often overlooked such as demolition.

With this information, you should be equipt to determine whether the proposed renovation will meet all of your requirements and whether renovating will prove more financially viable than demolishing and building a new home.