Colour, material and other selections for your entire project, outlined in a custom specification.

Making colour, material and other selections for your home can be exciting but also confusing for some people. We offer an interior design service that focuses on assisting you with any selections such as paint colours, cabinetry colours and materials, bench top selections, flooring selections, plumbing fixtures, feature materials and anything else you might need help with.

We focus on the architectural style of your home and suggest colours, materials and selections that complement the spaces rather than overpower them. We can visit suppliers on your behalf and create mood boards to help you visualise your selections as well as applying your selections to your 3D model for review.

The information gathered throughout this process is then outlined in a custom specification nominating all of your selections. This document will be crucial when seeking quotes for your project and also helps to keep track of everything you have chosen.

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Whether your dreaming about your new project or deep in to your research phase it's worth having a chat with us. We are not sales people, we are passionate designers who are happy to give you a couple hours of our time to answer any questions you may have, free of charge.