All other services commonly requested by our clients to help with your project.

There are a number of other services commonly requested by our clients that we offer to help make the process easier for you.

  • Contour and Feature Surveys – If you have a site but no record of a contour or feature survey, you may need to get this completed prior to starting your design. The need for a contour and feature survey will depend on the extent of works required and what information is already available from your local council. We can let you know if a contour and feature survey is relevant to your project and provide one if required.
  • Energy Efficiency Report: Depending on your project, you may require an energy efficiency report as part of the council requirements. This report will determine the efficiency of your project and ensure it meets the minimum requirements. We can let you know if an energy efficiency report is relevant to your project and provide one if required.
  • Engineering – Most projects require engineering documentation which needs to be supplied by a qualified structural engineer. This documentation will outline the structural requirements for your project. We can let you know if engineering documentation is relevant to your project and provide this if required.
  • Certification – As part of your application to the relevant local council you may choose to have your project certified by a privately. We assess your project to determine whether certification is required and discuss how this may benefit your project so you can make an informed decision.
  • Tendering – Tendering your project out to builders is a great way to find a builder and a price that meet your requirements. Whilst this process definitely has its advantages, it’s crucial that you tender with all the correct information, this will ensure the quotes you receive are accurate. Obtaining the quotes from the builders is half the battle, going through the quotes and understanding all the technical information in order to compare the quotes accurately is another challenge altogether. We can guide you through the tendering process ensuring we find a builder that not only meets your financial requirements but also meets your requirements regarding timelines, quality, reliability, flexibility and general suitability.

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